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লিখেছেন সুমাইয়া রাবেয়া, মার্চ 14, 2015 11:03 অপরাহ্ণ

Once in a fine day,i had nothing to do. I was so bored with my life, browsing through internet pages,roaming through the rooms of my apartment, “my life stinks”  I told to myself. Suddenly my hubby came to me, inviting me to go with him to a charity programme where he was asked to take some photos. the program was to feed the homeless dinner. As there were nothing to do I followed him.

It was in a lime lighted street of masjid jamek, kualalampur. Those who are not familiar with the place, it is a shopping hub in Malaysia. I have been there so many times in day light, evreytime I came back I had for sure wasted so much money on buying things I didnt need. Yes, that same place at night, no fancy items on the roads no call for sales and discounts, I saw a big group of people sitting there on  the dirty road with their blank stares when we arrived. There were something going on in malay on the screen played by the people of the NGO. I didnt know what to say, I was standing at a corner looking at these people,it was a feeling that i donot know how to describe. Suddenly one of my friend called me for they would now start serving food and I volunteer if i wish to, I proceeded with her. The line looked long, we the volunteers were standing beside the food pile, the security was helping us by  maintaining the crowd. One by one they came, I handed over the food and they said with a smile- “kasih” (thank you)

That whole time I was there, there was a constant pain in my chest, the pain was not for them, it was for those food I throw out everyday, for the dresses I reject for simply not being trendy, for the home I regret for not being comfortable enough, for the education I weep for taking my peace away or for complaining my husband-parents-family for not being loving enough! those people didnot haveany of them at all….

It reminded me of a story my father told me when I was a child:- “one day a begger came to a rich man’s home. The son of the rich man chased him away. When the rich man came to know, he became really angry and told his stuff to find the begger. The begger was brought back to the rich man’s home, and the man fed him well. Then he turned to his son and said- It is Allah’s wish that He gave the rizik of this begger in our house, do not be proud of it, Allah could have done the opposite if He wanted “.

May Allah forgive us for not realizing His blessings on us, May Allah make us able to be thankful

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  1. So instructive post. O Allah! pardon us completely and guide us straight path.

  2. ছোটকে ভালোবাসাই বড়োর কাজ, কারণ সে ও একদিন ছোটই ছিলো।

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